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One of the first things that a prospective buyer notices when they approach your home is your front yard. This is known as “curb appeal” and makes a vital first impression when you are trying to sell your home.

How important is the quality of yard? Well, you might be surprised to learn that a well-groomed front yard actually helps sell a home five times quicker than an unkempt yard. It’s the psychological effect that can create a positive or a negative mindset of a prospective buyer before they even step inside your home.

Although you might have taken the time and spent some money on prepping the inside of your home, take some time and groom the exterior as well.

Here are a few ideas to get you started in the right direction.


You want to draw u some kind of plan before you make any landscaping improvements. Most landscaping experts suggest you take a two-fold approach. The reason is that most properties consist of both the front and the back yard.

You should draw a scaled diagram and for both yards and consider that each has a different function. The front yard is a reflection of the people who own the home and what you want to focus on here is “eye-appeal.”  This is the area that should concentrate on a bit of artistic endeavour.

The back yard is where people like to relax and enjoy their down-time. Here, you might want to consider both privacy and the deck area along with an aesthetic or functional approach.

Basic Maintenance

If you don’t have the cash or a lot of time to spend on your yards, you still have to do the basic maintenance when you are showing your house. Sweeping the walkway or hosing down the driveway will make it look cleaner.

Don’t forget your exterior windows and make sure they look nice and clean. Sweep away any cobwebs and maybe consider adding some fresh caulking if it’s looking old, weathered or cracked.

You also might want to consider pressure washing the siding or the back yard deck. If your deck is showing a bit of wear and tear then you it might be time for some fresh staining.

If you have a wooden door or shutters, then a bit of prep work and some fresh paint can make all the difference.

You want to weed any flower beds, and trim away all the dead branches. It is also a good idea to neatly trim the edges of flower or shrub beds. And, nothing makes a yard look more appealing when the lawn is freshly mowed and raked.

Also, clear away any clutter such as toys, bikes and tools because the neater the look the greater the appeal it has for a prospective buyer.

Increase Eye Appeal by Adding Some Colour

If your front yard is plain or bland looking than you might want to add some colour to give your property some extra visual impact. If you’re are lacking some ideas then take a walk around the neighbourhood to see what catches your eye or visit the local garden center as they have the expertise on how to get some very appealing colour contrast that will add some visual appeal.

You can get perennials or shrubs that flower at different times of the growing season so your yards always have some stunning colour that stands out.

It’s the little things that catches a person’s eye and says a lot about the people who own the house.


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