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CMHC offering tailored outlooks for various Canadian markets – Consult with Bruce Coleman, Vancouver Mortgage Broker

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is offering a number of housing outlook conferences in various Canadian cities; each offering a useful and practical information session that will help brokers understand trends unique to each market.

Vancouver Mortgage Broker“CMHC’s Housing Outlook Conferences offer access to timely, reliable and unbiased information,” Sam Carnovale, CMHC Key Account Manager, Brokers told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “Each conference program is tailored to specific local markets and can help mortgage brokers to: understand new trends in the marketplace, identify new markets and investment opportunities, determine consumer housing preferences, make business decisions and earn education credits.”

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Kicking off on October 31, CMHC will hold five Housing Outlook Seminars across Ontario and six Housing Outlook Conferences across Canada; each session is tailored to the individual market in which it takes place.

On November 12 in Toronto CMHC economists and market analysts will focus on the “Echo Boomer”, and dissect how demographic and geopgraphic variables impact home buying trends in Toronto. According to the event’s profile:

Echo Boomers MATTER to the housing market; their decisions about renting or buying directly affect housing demand and the economy. So… Who is this Echo Boomer? How will their socio-economic profile influence the housing market? And, what available home ownership options will meet their needs?”

The complete listing of conferences and seminars can be found below.

Housing Outlook Conferences

Vancouver — November 1, 2013
Victoria — November 18, 2013
Calgary — November 19, 2013
Edmonton — November 26, 2013
Québec — November 26, 2013
Montreal — November 28, 2013

Housing Outlook Seminars

Ottawa — November 7, 2013
Toronto — November 12, 2013
Hamilton — November 19, 2013
Waterloo Region — November 27, 2013
London — October 31, 2013

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