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Dreyer Group Home Series: How to Save on Your Vancouver Home Heating Costs – Consult with Bruce Coleman, Vancouver Mortgage Broker

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How to Save on Your Vancouver Home Heating Costs

How to Save on Your Vancouver Home Heating CostsWinter is almost upon us and the thermometer is a witness to the diminishing temperatures. All of you who own homes also know that your heating costs are going to climb as a result.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are ways and steps that you can take to lower those heating costs and the measures you take can vary according to your budget.

Some of the following tips won’t cost you a dime while others will only involve a small investment.

No Cost Money Saving Heating Steps

Thermostat and Water Heater

One of the obvious first things you can do to lower your heating costs is to lower your thermostat. It’s a no-brainer but here’s something that maybe you didn’t know about. Most experts say that as a rule of thumb you can save as much as 3% on the monthly bill for each degree that you turn it down.

If you’re going to work, skiing for the weekend or simply to sleep each night then why no lower your thermostat down to about 10 degrees. Between your sleep time and work time, this will work out to about 16 hours each day from Monday to Friday which could to a savings as much as 14% per month.

You can also adjust the temperature on many water heater models. Lowering it by a mere five degrees will not be very noticeable and will save you money.

Fans and Fireplace/Wood Stove

Be wary of any kitchen or bathroom fans which expel air outside. Don’t let them run needlessly because they’re bleeding off your heat.

If you have a fireplace or wood stove then make sure that the dampers are fully closed when not being used. If they are not in use then this is just another way that heat can seep outside.

Heating Vents, Curtains and Rooms Not in Use

Check your heating vents to ensure they are not being covered up or blocked by rugs, furniture or other items.

Curtains can also help save some money. Open curtains which are facing the sun and close curtains which don’t. At night time, close all your curtains as that will help reduce the effects of draughts and keep heat inside.

If you aren’t using a room such as the bathroom, a spare room, bedrooms or other rooms, then ensure you keep the doors closed because you’re simply spending money on heating rooms that serve no purpose. If they have individual thermostats then make sure they are either turned completely off or sufficiently lowered.

Low Cost Heat Savings

If you’re a bit handy with tools then you can do many of the following on your own.

Fixing Draughts and Heat Leaks

Check around doors and windows, and electrical outlets with either a candle or piece of incense. It will tell you if have an air leak or draught. Many leaks can be fixed with any of the following that can save as much as 10% on your heating costs.

  • Replace old or damaged caulking as poor caulking can see a lot of energy seepage.
  • Add door sweeps or weather strips around doors because houses do settle and the frame might be just a smidge out of alignment.
  • Buy programmable thermostats. It’s easy forget to turn thermostats up and down as needed, so buy one that you can programme and change the hours and temperatures to your needs so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Consider outlet gaskets for leaky electrical outlets
  • Buy a thermo blanket for your water heater and consider investing in swaddling material for your hot water pipes.
  • If your windows are only single paned, then consider adding on some specialized plastic film
  • Purchase a shower-head which is low flow and won’t waste as much hot water. There are also sink faucets which can do the same thing to save on your hot water use.

If you’re concerned about your heating costs, there is a lot you can do to reduce your bill but it’s all comes down to you.

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