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Hiring a Vancouver Contractor

Choosing a Vancouver contractor for home renovation project should not be done lightly as not all contractors are the same. An inexperienced contractor can turn your project into an expensive nightmare.

When you hire a contractor you need to ensure they are a true and knowledgeable professional. It doesn’t 7990992matter if your project is small or major in scope because you want it done right and in a timely manner.

Here are some things to consider when hiring a contractor in the Vancouver area to help you get stated down the right path to success.

How to Choose a Vancouver Contractor

There are pages of them in the yellow pages so it can be daunting if you go that route. You might be better off simply by asking around and find one or more recommendations from people you know. You can start with other members of your family and ask them who they might have used and whether they might recommend their services to you.

You could ask spread the net further afield and ask you friends and your co-workers. You might also simply ask some of your neighbours if you noticed that they just recently had some work done to their house.

Vancouver Contractor Licensing Requirements

Either way, one thing to keep in mind is that a general contractor has to be licensed. Licensing is required under the B.C. Homeowner Protection Act and that different types of building aspects have different and specific licences that the contractor must have in place before they can perform a project. To obtain a license, a contractor must first be eligible to have warranty insurance.

Ask them to show proof of their licensing and ensure any subcontractors they use are also properly licensed. Check out the website for the B.C. Homeowners Protection Office so you understand what you need to know and ask your contractor.

Ask Questions

Just because they are a licensed and experienced contractor doesn’t necessarily mean they have any experience doing the project that you want completed. Ask them what similar projects they have completed and always ask them for references that you should also contact.

You want to know if the contractor will obtain the appropriate permits and that they are covered by Workers Compensation. Additionally, you might want to ask whether they are going to submit a contract which might require some amendments to customize it to your particular project.

Make sure you are very clear about the start and completion date of your project and ask them what insurance coverage they carry.

Your contractor should provide you with clear and ongoing communications especially if they encounter any unforeseen problems. Touch base with contractor on a frequent basis and keep the lines of communication open.

Never sign off on a project until you have very carefully inspected the work and are satisfied that it was completed to your satisfaction.

You should also not be shy by asking up to at least three contractors to put a bid in for your project. If there is a significant variance in the bids being offered you will want to clearly understand the reasons for such a variance. The lowest bid is not necessarily the best bid.

You also have some obligations in that you must be very clear on what you want to achieve in terms of your renovation and the materials involved. Any changes that you make will also necessitate changes to the scope of the contract and the costs involved as flexibility is required by both parties for these types of issues.


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