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We provide a semi-annual review of your mortgage to make sure you are always in the best position.


Thinking about refinancing your property? Let us help you explore all your options and provide you with simple advice for making the best financial decisions.

In relation to your mortgage renewal, most Canadian banks will send a mortgage notice in the mail usually one to two months prior to the term expiration. At this time the banks tend to take advantage of our busy schedules and assume that you will sign on with them for another term. Your lender at this time, in most cases, will offer you a sub-standard rate in the hopes that you will simply sign the renewal without doing any due diligence.

Your mortgage renewal is as important as your first mortgage! You want to insure that you obtain the best possible financing in the country. Banks only tend to offer you their posted rate with very little or no discount. Unfortunately almost 60 percent of the public sign this renewal without researching what the competition has to offer.

If you require a refinance of your current mortgage to combine other debt or simply pay out a sub-standard current rate, we are here to help. Rates are at a historic low and if you are paying higher rates on any other consumer debt you would be wise to talk to us about combining your mortgage and other debt into one new mortgage. The advantage is lower monthly payments!

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